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Would you like to realize your financial dream NOW! How to be a MONEY magnet.

Did you know that financial independence is 98% intention and 2% action? Most people devote 98% of their time to action and 2% of their time to intention. Set your intention and become a money magnet. Release yourself from patterns that get you nowhere and start living the financial dream that is yours. Do you ever have good ideas that you think could set you on the road to prosperity but never act on them because you just arenít quite sure. Prosperity Consciousness will set you free so you can get on the road to financial independence!!! You have everything to gain.

Our self hypnosis CDís can help you change yourself for the better.

Self-Hypnosis is the Most effective and least expensive way to change yourself and your life! What do you have to win?  This is an exciting series of unique healing self-hypnosis CD's, created by Karen Frank. Each CD includes healing therapeutic hypnotherapy enriched with spirituality, healing sounds and color therapy, the only CDís like it available to the public now.

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My thoughts are like my breathing; they never cease.  My thoughts create my life.  I choose only positive thoughts; this is what my life is about . . . 

Dr. Karen Frankís latest Self-Hypnosis CD Perfect Health focuses on the power of the human mind in healing oneís self. Negative habits can affect us in a multitude of ways ~ mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually and physically. But negative habits can be changed, if you have the commitment to do so. You can learn how to live a healing, healthy, holistic life.   Dr. Karen Frank takes her years of experience in healing others to the next level through this special CD that will guide you to healing yourself and show you to never underestimate the power of your mind!

Would you like to sleep peacefully each and every night?

Have you ever wondered whether or not you will sleep peacefully each and every night? Research shows that anxious thoughts will keep many people awake night after night? Dr. Frankís research concurs with this, however there are other issues that will cause the anxiety that she addresses in this time proven healing hypnotherapy CD. It is unique with the expert medical and spiritual hypnotherapy created by Dr. Karen Frank. This CD incorporates soothing natural, healing harmonic sounds, binaural processing, self-guided imagery, neuro linguistic programming and color therapy. In this CD there is a direct communication with not just the hypnotic theta brain waves but also the sleep delta brain waves to ensure a peaceful and complete nights slumber every night.

Does the fear of flying keep you from traveling and enjoying life?

How often does your fear of flying interfere with the enjoyment of traveling? How often have you wanted to get on a plane effortlessly and see the world or visit relatives for celebrations? And how often have you missed an important business connection because of your fear of flying? Well, NO MORE! This healing Hypno Harmonics Hypnotherapy CD is a breakthrough in self-hypnosis. Fearless Flying takes you on the safest flight possible... in your mind. Leaving you with the ability to fly fearlessly!

This CD combines the expert Hypnotherapy developed by Dr. Frank with 22 years experience and incorporates soothing natural healing sounds, self-guided imagery, neuro linguistic programming and color therapy. THERE IS NO OTHER CD LIKE FEARLESS FLYING AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET with a success rate of 98%!!!!!!!!!!

Would you like to open the doorway to unlimited selling power? Sell with SUCCESS!

If sales is your profession or you would like to get in to sales, this CD is a must. Sales is 98% attitude and 2% action. Wouldnít it be great to be enthused all the time? Wouldnít it be great to walk around feeling like you just got a big sale? Unlimited Selling Power will put you in the state of mind that is conducive to making that sale happen for you!


Do you want to get motivated and become committed to your choice of exercise?

Get Motivated to Exercise Now! Couch potato? Want to exercise and canít get motivated? Did you use to workout and now donít? Well, here at last! A guaranteed way to become deeply motivated and consistently committed to your choice of exercise. You will look great and feel great because you are great! Happy Health.


Do you want to open up your intuitive channels? See, feel and hear whatís going on in your universe!

People are always asking Dr. Frank how she knows information before it actually happens. Patients ask, "How could you know all about that person and their life without ever meeting them?" Dr. Frank originally developed this therapy entitled, "The Psychic Self", and over the years she has been spiritually guided to receive new information. This led to the creation of Divine Intuition. This very spiritually based Hypnotherapy CD will open up your intuitive channels allowing you to better see, feel and hear what is going on in your Universe. Order early! Limited edition while supplies last!

Would you like to increase your sense of well being, health and energy throughout the healing process?

Open Your Healing Channels. Increase your sense of well being, health and energy throughout the healing process. Become more in control and relaxed and allow yourself to heal more rapidly after treatments. Work in harmony with your mind, body and spirit to increase the ability to heal. Make a commitment to a healing life. Included in this CD you will fine online information to assist you in the use of AFTís (Attractor Field Therapy) to change your energy field and transform your health. this simple technique will assist you to a higher level of releasing chemotherapy side effects.

Would you like to stop biting your nails once and for all?

Have beautiful nails and hands now! You can have beautiful hands with long nails, smooth cuticles, no soreness and no redness. This CD will help for any hand skin picking or nail biting. Heal this deep subconscious behavior now!

(Just for Kids)
Would you like to help your child speak softly and fluently without stuttering?

You Can Speak Fluently. Help your child speak softly, fluently and without stuttering.   Did you know that in normal speech there is a natural flow of interruption? All people have hesitations, repetitions and interruptions or even have revision in their choice of words. Using this CD will help your child to release the negative energy flow and patterning of stuttering or stammering. You will hear speaking with a soft and peaceful manner, at ease and happy. Your child will be pleased that they can now speak without stuttering.

Would you like to lesson your anxiety surrounding surgery and have a speedy recovery?

Surgery made easy! Prepare for Surgery and a Better Recovery!